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BioLargo Energy Technologies, Inc.

BioLargo Energy Technologies, Inc. is the creator of the Cellinity line of battery energy storage systems, designed to provide a safer, more affordable, more environmentally friendly, and longer lasting grid-scale battery to enable long-term energy storage projects and facilitate the global shift toward renewable energy.

Pre-orders now being accepted.

Liquid Sodium Energy Storage Technology

Because the world needs a better battery

  • Better, safer, more affordable option for long duration energy storage

  • Longer lasting

  • No decrease in performance over thousands of charge/discharge cycles

  • 100% domestic supply chain

Why the world needs better (and more) batteries

62-185% increased global energy demand

According to Resources for the Future

One terawatt-hour

Compared to 56 gigawatt-hours in 2021 (20x increase). The world's need for energy storage capacity projected by 2030 by BloombergNEF

Renewable Energy Production will triple

By 2032, according to

Cellinity's Target Markets

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